Pentagram – Last Rites (colored vinyl), Kyuss – Wretch 2LP and more now IN STOCK. Restock of Ulver’s Perdition City on white vinyl on the way.

Available NOW at

Pentagram – Last Rites (brown, sand or caramel vinyl) (includes European tour poster) only 300 import from Europe

Kyuss – Wretch (black vinyl) import from Germany

Lock Up – Necropolis Transparent (features members of At The Gates, Napalm Death, Dimmu Borgir, Carcass) import from Europe


Opeth – Morningrise (grey vinyl) import from the UK

I still have a couple of the new Bathory vinyl box sets available for anybody that’s interested. The Ulver – Perdition City restocks on white vinyl should be here within a week and a half to two weeks. For more information add Last Rights Records on facebook.

Again, you can find these products and more at:

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