Bathory Limited Edition Vinyl Box Set NOW SHIPPING at Last Rights Records.

I have 2 copies of this box set left in the shop that are IN STOCK and ready to ship. If you are interested in buying one here is the link (US ORDERS ONLY) –

On July 18th Black Mark will release the much anticipated Bathory box set “In Memory of Quorthon”. Here is what’s included in this imported box set –

* Three double gatefold LPs
* 48-page booklet
* BATHORY “Goat” poster (70x100cm)
* Picture-disc recreation of the original BATHORY “yellow goat” 1984 pressing of the band’s debut album.

All packaged together in a deluxe box.

I’ll have less than a handful of these box sets available. The cost will be much less than what UK stores will be selling them for including shipping to the US. More updates as they come. These will be available for purchase at Last Rights Records sometime in late July.

Available NOW at

3 Responses to “Bathory Limited Edition Vinyl Box Set NOW SHIPPING at Last Rights Records.”

  1. Andrew "Arcane" Roemer Says:

    How much will it cost including shipping?

  2. Derek Dykeman Says:

    I don’t if you are interested in punk and hardcore but I have a store at Big Cartel it’s under the name Soap and Spikes.

    Plastic Head eh? I used to know the guy who ran that store/website I don’t know if it the same guy sneaky not telling how limited it is!


  3. Cool, I’ll have to check out your store. I dig some hardcore and punk.

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