Agalloch – Marrow Of The Spirit on clear vinyl, Slowdive – Just For A Day, Type O Negative – Bloody Kisses, Bathory – Nordland I and II and more vinyl now IN STOCK!

Now available at

Agalloch – Marrow Of The Spirit (clear vinyl)


Slowdive – Just For A Day (black vinyl) (import from The Netherlands)

Type O Negative – Bloody Kisses (black vinyl) (import from Germany)


Bathory – Nordland I and II (blue vinyl) (import from Sweden)

King Diamond – Abigail (black vinyl) (import from The Netherlands)

Restocks (also available at Last Rights Records):

Alcest – Souvenirs D’Un Autre Monde (black vinyl)

Darkthrone – Transilvanian Hunger (black vinyl) (import from UK) only 2000

Darkthrone – A Blaze In The Northern Sky (black vinyl) (import from UK) only 2000

Candlemass – Epicus Doomicus Metallicus (red vinyl) (import from UK) only 2000

Porcupine Tree – Up The Downstair (red vinyl) (import from UK) only 2000

Porcupine Tree – On The Sunday Of Life (orange vinyl) (import from UK) only 2000

My Dying Bride – Turn Loose The Swans (burgundy vinyl) (import from UK) only 2000

Toxic Holocaust – Conjure And Command (opaque green vinyl) only 200 (can’t believe I scored some of these!)

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Thanks for reading.

8 Responses to “Agalloch – Marrow Of The Spirit on clear vinyl, Slowdive – Just For A Day, Type O Negative – Bloody Kisses, Bathory – Nordland I and II and more vinyl now IN STOCK!”

  1. In the nineteen – seventies I began to build my “record collection.” I’d go to the District of Columbia with my mother who worked at the Department of Agriculture to spend my occasional Friday at 13’th and G N.W. Back then we called them — records –. For years they were around three dollars and then one day out of the blue, the “Record Industry” shocked everyone with five dollar records. We were — taken aback — to say the least.
    Now I buy vinyl in the form of discs that are translucent, crimson blue, red of depth, orange and even white! I even buy them without going to the land of the free and the brave. Imagine, I buy these as described vinyl circles on this phenomenon known as the — Internet –. In the nineteen – sevneties, if you’d walked up to me and had the ability to prove this to me as my present state, I’m not sure what my reaction would have been.
    After purchasing my three Porcupine Tree items from Last Rights, I can only wish that 35 years ago I could have had this experience to relate to in this most glorious and “Year of Our Lord” present century.

  2. I sent you a message in the contact section of the web – page. I mentioned that now that I was not buying through Empire Bay (my reference to Ebay) and that I was about to become a “first – time” customer through Last Rights; my request was for a discount coupon to enter for a corresponding incentive. Let me give you an example: your mainstream competitor, and needless to say – nowhere near the genre of offering such as you have, is offering a twelve percent coupon due to the occurence of “National Vinyl Record Day” that was recognized on the 12’th of August. Frankly, I’d rather have your selections.

    • Thanks for the input. I’m planning on having a sale towards the end of the year. Right now I’m trying increase my inventory level and build relationships with labels and other distros in an effort to bring in more great releases and keep my prices down. I’m also planning a frequent buyer discount coupon code of 10% in the near future as business continues to expand. All I can offer right now is free shipping to US buyers who buy 2 items or more.

  3. I’ll go ahead and order the three that I picked out. The only things is, how will I be able to remove the shipping charge upon placing my order.

  4. Hey Rich. You’ll be refunded through paypal after purchase. I check the site numerous times a day so the refund will be within 24 hours of purchase.

  5. Good to hear about a discount in the future. I got here from google looking for one. I’m about to buy two records. I will always buy two records just to get free shipping 🙂 I plan on buying more, especially if you expand your inventory, unfortunately I’m near broke right now. 😦

  6. Thanks for the order Eric. I have refunded you the shipping cost. Great choices btw, those are two of my favorites.

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