Last Rights Records will be carrying the new Burzum album “Umskiptar” on vinyl.

Available in May 2012




“The “Umskiptar” album is also a return-to-the-roots album for me, with a strong focus on atmosphere and wholeness rather than anything else. The vocals on this one however are more important than on any other album, with a total of 66 stanzas, some of them even repeated a few times, making up the lyrics of the album. The vocals are very important for the special atmosphere and are more important than on any other Burzum album, and more varied too and as honest as it gets”.

“The concept of the album is Umskiptar” (English = “Metamorphoses”), a deeply rooted European (i.e. Pagan) Stoic concept of changes. This concept was chosen in a world heading for a new Ice Age, and can therefore also be seen as critique of all the popular political movements of our age of lies”. VARG VIKERNES

“Umskiptar” is the 10th studio album from Burzum, and follows the highly critically acclaimed releases Belus (2010) and Fallen (2011) which put Burzum straight back at the at the top of the chain as of one of the most innovative and creative metal artists of our time.
“Umskiptar” is not like any of the older Burzum albums, and yet similar to all of them.
More than anything it has been inspired by scaldic poems and ancient folk music, and yet it’s metal, but with Norse lyrics this time all taken from the famous Scandinavian Voluspa poem.
Burzum says: “Hence I call the “Umskiptar” album scaldic metal, and also naively hope with this to avoid having my music labelled ‘Black Metal’ anymore.”
“Umskiptar” contains both traditional metal music and more experimental metal music as well as a traditional Burzum introduction and conclusion.
Undoubtedly will be one of the biggest black metal release of 2012
Press and PR worked by Darren Toms (Candlelight Records)


1. Blodstokkinn (Soaked In Blood) 2. Joln (Deities) 3. Alfadanz (Elven Dance)
4. Hit Helga Tre (The Sacred Tree) 5. Aera (Honour) 6. Heidr (Esteem)
1. Valgaldr (Song Of The Fallen) 2. Galgvidr (Gallow Forest)
3. Surtr Sunnan (Black From The South) 4. Gulladr (Golden Age) 5. Nidhoggr (Attack From Below)

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