Meshuggah – Destroy Erase Improve now up for pre-order on red/yellow/white splatter vinyl! Mournful Congretation LP’s now in stock.

Available for pre-order at: (or click image below)

Meshuggah – Destroy Erase Improve (red/yellow/white splatter vinyl) only 500 import from Germany

“Red/white splatter vinyl on yellow base, 180g 2LP in gatefold, incl. DIN A2 poster. Strictly limited to 500 units.”


01. Future Breed Machine
02. Beneath
01. Soul Burn
02. Transfixion
01. Vanished
02. Acrid Placidity
03. Inside Whats Within Behind
01. Terminal Illusions
02. Suffer In Truth
03. Sublevels

Now in stock/restocks:

Mournful Congregation – The Monad Of Creation (grey marble vinyl) import from France

Mournful Congregation – The Unspoken Hymns (purple swirl vinyl) import from France

Astra – The Black Chord (clear blue vinyl) import from the UK

Mayhem – Deathcrush (clear vinyl) import from the UK

Burzum – Filosofem (black vinyl) import from UK


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