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Vinyl editions of Opeth – Heritage and YOB – Atma will both be sold at Last Rights Records later this month. Ulver’s Perdition City vinyl now BACK IN STOCK!

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That’s right, some awesome releases are on the way. Both of these titles have a release date of September 20th but I should get the YOB Atma LP’s a little sooner. The Opeth Heritage vinyl version I’m carrying will not be the overpriced special edition, just the normal double LP on 180 gram vinyl. I’ll have more info on when these will be in stock when it becomes available.

Available soon at –

Opeth – Heritage (180 gram vinyl) – 

YOB – Atma (black vinyl)


Ulver – Perdition City (white vinyl) (import from Norway) only 500 OUT OF PRINT!

Be sure to check out the shop for more Opeth releases on vinyl. Also, don’t forget to grab a copy of Agalloch’s Marrow Of The Spirit on clear vinyl before they’re gone for good!

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