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New Electric Wizard 7″ EP “Legalise Drugs & Murder” now available for pre-order.

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The first batch sold-out, this pre-order is for the second batch, which will be available in about a week.

Available at: (or click on image below)

Electric Wizard – Legalise Drugs & Murder 7″ EP (import from the UK)

  • The apocalyptic first recordings from the much anticipated 8th studio LP from ELECTRIC WIZARD will be released as a vinyl only 7″!!!
  • It is the first of a number of vinyl only releases set to promote the, as yet, untitled and unfinished LP.
  • Recording of the new LP has already commenced but will not be completed until later this year and as a result the band have decided to release certain songs and exclusive B-sides on the vinyl format.
  • The A-side “Legalise Drugs and Murder” is a cathartic anthem for the ‘lost’ generation, a gargantuan 70s styled Doom Stomper and the perfect 7″ single. Ultra-catchy and featuring the bands trademark ‘wall of fuzz’ sound, topped with an evil, sneering vocal.
  • The B-side is an even more twisted journey. Inspired by deranged eurohorror/giallo soundtracks of the 70s , ‘Murder and Madness’ is a claustrophobic meditation on the themes of the A-side. A paranoiac brooding number created with vicious wah guitar and discordant organ and piano that rises in intensity to a crescendo of sadism.
  • Yet again ELECTRIC WIZARD raise the bar of Doom Metal in just two songs from super-heavy 70s glam rock stomp to a purely visceral and sadistic art rock experience.
  • Raise your fists with ELECTRIC WIZARD and scream “Legalise Drugs and Murder”!!!


1. Legalise Drugs & Murder

2. Murder & Madness

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