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Meshuggah’s Destroy Erase Improve on red / yellow splatter vinyl and Ulver’s Nattens Madrigal on blue / yellow splatter vinyl in stock along with some other stuff.

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Available now at (or click images below)

Meshuggah – Destroy Erase Improve (red/yellow splatter vinyl w/poster) only 500 import from Germany

Ulver – Nattens Madrigal (blue/yellow splatter vinyl) only 200

Reverend Bizarre – Crush The Insects (green vinyl) only 500 import from Finland

Abhorrence – Completely Vulgar (black vinyl) import from Finland

Jess And The Ancient Ones – s/t (black vinyl) import from Finland



Katatonia – Discouraged Ones (orange vinyl) only 650 import from Finland

Pentagram – Sub-Basement (picture vinyl) only 500 import from Finland

The Gathering – How To Measure A Planet? (yellow vinyl) import from Finland

Pentagram – Be Forewarned (clear vinyl) only 400 import from Finland

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Electric Wizard’s Dopethrone on green vinyl and out of print items from Katatonia, My Dying Bride, The Gathering and more now IN STOCK!

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Available now at

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw some of this stuff was still available from one of my distributors. Everything on this list is imported from Europe except the Xasthur LP –

Katatonia – The Great Cold Distance (red vinyl) only 2000 (out of print)

My Dying Bride – A Line Of Deathless Kings (black vinyl) (out of print)

The Gathering – Sleepy Buildings (colored vinyl) only 300 (out of print)

Opeth – Morningrise (grey vinyl)

Opeth – My Arms, Your Hearse (blue vinyl)

Burzum – Fallen (black vinyl)

Porcupine Tree – Lightbulb Sun (black vinyl)

Xasthur – 2005 Demo (black vinyl)

Electric Wizard – Dopethrone (grass green vinyl)