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Vinyl from ISIS, Porcupine Tree, Aura Noir, Dødheimsgard, Iron Maiden, Orange Goblin and more available for pre-order!

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Available for pre-order at:


Aura Noir – Hades Rise (black vinyl) import from UK

Aura Noir – The Merciless (black vinyl) import from UK

Dødheimsgard – 666 International (white vinyl) only 666 import from UK

Iron Maiden – Iron Maiden (picture vinyl) import from UK

Iron Maiden – Killers (picture vinyl) import from UK

Screaming Trees – Uncle Anesthesia (black vinyl)

Orange Goblin – Frequencies From Planet Ten  –

Orange Goblin – Time Travelling Blues  –

Troubled Horse – Step Inside –

Anathema – Alternative IV (black vinyl) –

Porcupine Tree – Coma Divine (black vinyl)

Katatonia – Dead End Kings (black vinyl) –

ISIS – Temporal 3LP + DVD

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ISIS – Live VI LP’s available on black or grey vinyl.

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These are selling out everywhere but I managed to score some copies!


Available now at: (or click image below)


ISIS – LIVE VI (grey or black vinyl) only 1000


“Limited to 1,000 copies, packaged in deluxe letterpressed jackets.

Professionally recorded & mixed by Aaron Harris of ISIS from their 2007 10th aniversary tour.

Many have claimed ISIS were best in the live environment. This professionally recorded live set from ISIS’ 2007 10th anniversary tour stop in Portalnd, OR puts that theory to the test, and also offers up post-mortum evidence for those that were there and those that came too late. This is the last installment of a live series currated and largely self released by the band, and is arguably the crown jewel of the entire collection. The song selection spans most of their career and includes many fan and band member favorites – from their first EP Mosquito Control, up to their 2006 album In the Absence of Truth. The tracks “Carry” and “Weight” from the critically acclaimed Oceanic album both feature guest con-tributions from long time ISIS collaborators Maria Christopher and Ayal Naor of 27.

The album was recorded and mixed by ISIS’ own Aaron Harris with help from the band’s long time live engineer Greg Moss, and mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin. The vinyl is packaged in a beautifully printed letter pressed jacket and limited to a one time pressing of 1,000 copies.”


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