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Uncle Acid – Night Creeper Vinyl LP’s now shipping on red, purple and black vinyl!

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These are double LP’s, I just used one LP from each to show the color difference.


You can still order your copy here –

Uncle Acid’s new album Night Creeper now available for pre-order on red, purple or black vinyl!

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Click here to pre-order



night cre


Ships on or around 9/12/9015 (unless delayed).

Import from the UK. New and never played double LP on red, purple or black vinyl. Each LP will be opened to confirm color but you can also buy a sealed copy and be surprised.

“The Night Creeper is the new album by Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats. Contained within are ten tracks of the type of sonic psyche-frazzling heaviness and blood-drenched pop that have made Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats one of Britains great cult bands.
Recorded at Toe Rag studios in early 2015 with engineer Liam Watson (White Stripes, Tame Impala, Electric Wizard), their fourth opus The Night Creeper, finds the quartet in full-on deatripping, third eye-widening mode. Here songs ooze louche evil over flesh-melting riffs that creep like hot magma bubbling up through the earths crust at their own malevolent pace. This album is in no hurry to destroy you. But it will. It will.
In an age when the word is over-used, Uncle Acid are indeed a true cult. Everything they do is covert, their movements crepuscular, the loyalty they inspire fervent. Every sneering melody and every piece of artwork is loaded with meaning, designed to be pored over. Their press coverage is deliberately limited but doesnt prevent them selling out US tours or joining Black Sabbath at their personal request. They only reveal what they want to reveal: chiefly that Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats began as a studio project circa 2009 in Cambridge, the wild concept of Kevin Starrs. The rest is academic.
And now comes The Night Creeper, Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats darkest journey yet.

1. Waiting For Blood
2. Murder Nights
3. Downtown
4. Pusher Man
5. Yellow Moon
6. Melody Lane
7. The Night Creeper
8. Inside
9. Slow Death

10. Black Motorcade (hidden track)


Stone Temple Pilots “Core” album available for pre-order on clear or black vinyl.

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Available at: (or click image below)


Stone Temple Pilots – Core (clear or black vinyl) *PRE-ORDER*




Ships on or around 8/12.

Import from the Netherlands. New and never played double LP on either clear or black vinyl (the vinyl color of the copies I’ll be getting is currently unknown).

– 180 gram audiophile vinyl
– 6mm sleeve
– Etched D-side
– First pressing available as hand numbered edition of 2500 copies on transparent vinyl

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Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats “Bloodlust” 3rd Pressing on vinyl now in stock on red, green or silver vinyl!

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NOW SHIPPING at: (or click image below)

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats – Bloodlust (red, green or silver vinyl) import from the UK


“Who are this mysterious bunch known as Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats? We are not able to shed much light on the identity of this drug-crazed coven of freaks but are addicted the their heavy, melodic, garage horror-rock sounds.
Until now, their releases have only been available via mail order and have sold-out instantly, commanding extremely high prices on eBay, such is the demand.
Their music brings back the dark spirit of true rock and roll conjured up by this anonymous cult of horror worshipping fiends. Uncle Acid has come to kill!”

· The anonymous UNCLE ACID & THE DEADBEATS’ “Blood Lust” album now available to retail on vinyl for the first time!

· Limited vinyl edition on heavyweight vinyl featuring stunning laminated front/flipback sleeve.


1. I’ll Cut you Down
2. Death’s Door
3. Over and Over Again
4. Curse of the Trees
1. I’m Here to Kill you
2. 13 Candles
3. Ritual Knife
4. Withered Hand of Evil


Storm Corrosion – s/t import from UK

Electric Wizard – Dopethrone (black vinyl) import from UK

Dissection – Live Legacy (blue vinyl) import from UK

Ihsahn – Eremita (grey vinyl) import from UK

Opeth – My Arms, Your Hearse (white vinyl) import from UK

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Arcturus’s “Aspera Hiems Symfonia” and “Constellation” vinyl represses now shipping!

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Available at: (or click images below)


Arcturus – Aspera Hiems Symfonia (black or colored vinyl) import from Europe only 300

“One of the pioneer albums from the mid 90’s for the first time on deluxe LP, including an early version of the Bodkin track as bonus track, silverprint 8 page booklet and poster. Limited to 300 units each color, Black, Green/Black and Blue/White.”

Arcturus – Constellation (black or colored vinyl) import from Europe only 300

“Legendary LP finally available in its most original form, including also My Angel ep, 2 1996 trax and 2 1994 pre-constellation rehearsal trax, silverprint 8 page booklet and poster. Limited to 300 units each color, Black, Purple/Black and Yellow/Black.”

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New Vinyl from Ulver, Cynic, In The Woods, Corrosion Of Conformity, Drudkh and more available soon at Last Rights Records.

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Here are some upcoming items that will be available soon at

Ulver – Themes from William Blake’s The Marriage of Heaven and Hell (black vinyl) import from Norway only 1000

2×12″ pressed on heavy black vinyl in gatefold sleeve!

Available in mid to late February 2012

“Themes from William Blake’s The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, released in 1998, was different from what Ulver had made before. Tore Ylwizaker, a new composer and sound architect, added to Garm’s expanding artistic visions, and together they stepped over the boundaries of black metal aesthetics, creating a genre-defying work. In this album, the musicians blended electronics, industrial music elements, progressive metal and avant-garde rock, adding ambient passages.

Lyrically, the album incorporates the entire text of William Blake’s The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, and relies on guest vocals. Despite confounding and perhaps alienating many fans of the band’s first three albums, the album received widespread acclaim from critics within both the rock/metal and alternative music press. For instance, it was reviewed as album of the month in several high-profile magazines such as Terrorizer, Metal Hammer, and Rock Hard. It also ranked very high at many year’s best polls that same year.”

Cynic – The Portal Tapes (black vinyl) import from France only 1000

Available late March or early April 2012

As previously announced, CYNIC will finally share the legendary Portal demos on a worldwide scale. Here are the cover artwork and tracklisting:

  1. Endless Endeavors
  2. Karma’s Plight
  3. Circle
  4. Costumed in Grace
  5. Cosmos
  6. Crawl Above
  7. Mirror Child
  8. Road to You
  9. Belong
  10. Not the Same

In The Woods – Heart Of Ages (purple vinyl) import from UK only 1000

Available mid to late March 2012

  • Heart of the Ages is the first full-length studio album by Norwegian avant-garde metal band In the Woods….
  • The album was recorded at Star Studios in Norway with production of Trond Breen, who also produced the album Strange in Stereo.


1. Yearning the Seeds of a New Dimension (12:24)
2. Heart of the Ages (8:23)
3. In the Woods (7:50)
4. Mourning the Death of Aase (3:33)
5. Wotans Return (14:52)
SIDE D 6. Pigeon (3:01)
7. The Divinity of Wisdom (9:08)

Corrosion Of Conformity – Corrosion Of Conformity (white vinyl) import from UK

Available early-March 2012

  • In the summer of 2010, the founding members of the pioneering underground metal band Corrosion of Conformity bassist/vocalist Mike Dean, drummer/vocalist Reed Mullin and guitarist Woody Weatherman gathered at Weathermans farm in the Virginia hill and began jamming together as a three piece for the first time since the mid-1980s. This was the classic COC lineup behind 1985s Animosity, the album that Decibel magazine recently called a crucial stylistic lynchpin in the bridge between metal and punk that irrevocably reshaped crossovers sonic possibilities.
  • Its been six years since the release of COCs last album, In the Arms of God, with the lineup of Dean, Weatherman, longtime COC vocalist/guitarist Pepper Keenan, and guest drummer Stanton Moore of the jazz-funk band Galactic, one of the several drummers who filled in while Mullin recuperated from a drumming related injury.
  • Representing the more straightforward metal sound that characterized COCs work with Keenan beginning with 1991s Blind, ITAOG earned critical praise, with Billboard calling it a riff-fueled set that ranks with [the bands] best work. Following that release in early 2005, COC toured the U.S. and Canada with Motorhead, one of their biggest influences, and later teamed up with Clutch for a UK tour.


1. Psychic Vampire
2. River Of Stone
3. Leeches
4. El Lamento de las Cabras
5. Your Tomorrow
6. The Doom
7. The Moneychangers
8. Come Not Here
9. What We Become
10. Rat City
11. Time Of Trials
12. Canyon Man*
13. Sameway*
* Bonus Tracks

Drudkh – Eternal Turn Of The Wheel (black vinyl) import from France

Available late February or early March 2012

“DRUDKH have written one of the most successful underground Black Metal stories with their previous eight albums. Now “Eternal Turn of the Wheel” witnesses the Ukrainians returning to their atmospheric black roots, which are most loved by their dedicated following around the globe. Gone are the progressive elements characterising their previous release “Handful of Stars” (2010). DRUDKH’s newest masterpiece owes more to their cult debut “Forgotten Legends” (2003) and the cinematic soundscapes of “Autumn Aurora” (2004) with some of the traditional influences rising on “The Swan Road” (2005). Fans of the slightly progressive “Blood in Our Wells” (2006) will also find their moments. Like the partly acoustic “Songs of Grief and Solitude” (2006) “Eternal Turn of the Wheel” offers a more melodic approach as the harsh “Estrangement” (2007) and ties in well with the widely acclaimed “Microcosmos” (2009) album. DRUDKH offer Slavonic Heathen Metal at its best and the perfect soundtrack of winter!”


  1. Eternal Circle
  2. Breath of Cold Black Soil
  3. When Gods Leave Their Emerald Halls
  4. Farewell to Autumn’s Sorrowful Birds
  5. Night Woven of Snow, Winds and Grey-Haired Stars

Ministry – Relapse (black vinyl)

Available in early April 2012

After influencing everyone from Nine Inch Nails and Tool to Korn and Linkin Park, and taking way more than “just one fix” these industrial-metal pioneers of Ministry retired in 2007. Four years later, after Al Jourgensen survived a harrowing near-death experience, said front man has decided to resurrect the group. The band’s 12th album „Relapse“ is due in 2012 and he says it will be the heaviest Ministry record to date!


01. Ghouldiggers
02. Double Tap
03. FreeFall
04. Kleptocracy
05. United Forces
06. 99 Percenters
07. Relapse
08. Weekend Warrior
09. Git Up Get Out ‘N Vote
10. Bloodlust

Porcupine Tree – The Sky Moves Sideways (black vinyl) import from UK

Available late February – early March 2012

A double vinyl version of the landmark 1995 release from Porcupine Tree.

Awash with melancholic vocals, hypnotic guitar solos, spacious textures and dynamic instrumental passages, this vinyl edition is pressed on heavyweight vinyl and packaged in gatefold cover with printed inner sleeves.


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More Vinyl From Darkthrone, Death, Enslaved, Immortal and Nevermore added to the shop.

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Now IN STOCK at (or click on image) –


Darkthrone – Goatlord (purple vinyl) import from UK

Darkthrone – Hate Them (black vinyl) import from UK

Darkthrone – Plaguewielder (red vinyl) import from UK

Darkthrone – Ravishing Grimness (white vinyl) import from UK)

Darkthrone – Sardonic Wrath (clear vinyl) import from UK

Death – Spiritual Healing (blue vinyl) import from UK

Enslaved – Axioma Ethica Odini (black vinyl) import from Norway

Enslaved – Isa (black vinyl) import from Norway

Enslaved – Vertebrae (red/white vinyl) (includes live LP) import from Norway

Immortal – Sons Of Northern Darkness (white vinyl) import from UK

Nevermore – In Memory (picture vinyl) (hand-numbered out of 500) import from the Netherlands

Nevermore – Nevermore (picture vinyl) (hand-numbered out of 500) import from the Netherlands



Death – Human (red vinyl) import from UK

Death – Individual Thought Patterns (white vinyl) import from UK

Bathory – In Memory of Quorthon (vinyl box set) import from UK


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